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About our organization

Project name:

Moo-Mow Project


Shelter for cows who are victims of the earthquake

Protection of croplands for the rehabilitation of the local environment

Innovation development

Goods production

Study tours

Seminar events

Event organization


2011-2012 Feeding and watering of cows after the earthquake.Support for the creation of 7 fenced spots for the protection of stray cows.

2013 Creation of own fenced area in Nogami, Ōkuma with 6 cows.

2014 Administration of a 10.000 m2 area, including a forested area.

2015 Administration of a 12.000 m2 area, with 7 cows.

2016 Addition of 4 ha. of land.

2017 Admission of 4 cows (following administrative procedures, accompanied by a member of the Fukushima Prefecture Futaba District Livestock Hygiene Center).

2018 Added 2 ha. of land where kiwi fruit is produced.

Association name:

Furusato to Kokoro wo Mamoru Tomo no Kai


Satsuki Tani


*Please note that I spend most of my time outside, and my reply may take some time. Inquiries in English may take some extra time.